The Spear of Courage

GM Notes

The party sets out for Clan Black Spear. They have acquired the following additional members:
Malan the Sooty, a Charcoal Maker and initiate of Durev
Deathdrake QuackJon Blackfeathers, a Runelord of Hu the Sword
Dushi the Red Raider & 7 other Vingans
Illig Brasscow, a cowherd and initiate of Orolman & 25 cows
10 single men as drivers and haulers, who are looking for brides

1 Flour
2 Flour
3 Provisions for all party members for two seasons
4 Halhgrim’s Beer, Malan’s wood & all the baggage
5 Feed for cows and spare wagon parts
6 Olani’s trade goods & Redala Oranasdottir’s baggage
7 Orlkarth Ironhands & Carina Ginarsdottir & children & baggage

The Vela women ask them to deliver a widow to Apple Lane, Redala Oranasdottir of Pig Hollow. Her husband, Brol Olandoson of Stead Felinder was one of the casualties in the battle. She has two children, Ural and Fiona. Similarly, Orlkarth asks his brother Ruhri to escort his family.

Merchants trade good bronze and lumber for any spare cows or other provisions. They are in sore need of more food as someone stole from their storage shed. 100% profit. Snowstorm is coming, does the party stay here or wait it out?

Thunder Pass East
The party sees Telmori stalking the cattle. They will strik at night or by day if there is a snowstorm. Normal Telmori raiding party, 6 men and 10 wolves. They can be bought off for two cows.

Thunder Wall
A small fort in Thunder Pass held by the Colymar Tribe to tax trade. They will charge 1 cow per wagon and two per family unless they can be convince that you bring charity. They say that no messenger arrived to tell them of your coming.

Thunder Pass West
Trolls attack. large raiding party, 20 trolls but only four are warriors. If someone talks to them, you discover that the trolls are going hungry – a great disease has struck their woods and they cannot eat the vegetation. They will accept a promise to bring aid from one of the Humakti. They will attack until they suffer 50% losses.

Apple Lane.
Tuskriders usually raid farms for food for winter now. But all the food has already been taken by the troll raiders. So the riders have demanded food from the town ring.


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