The Spear of Courage

Darkness Season, 1605

The New Runelords

Story so Far
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Darkness Season, Wolf Hunt Day (Odayla) and Litter Day (Yinkin)
Kareena the Huntress is aided by the Heroes and completes the Runequest, The Hunt for the Blue Boar. The Clan welcomes its first Runelord in a generation!! But it is not without cost: Griselda Ranulfsdottir died of her wounds and her spirit was lost in the Caves of Chaos – there is no soul left to join her ancestors and Chief Ranulf is absent from the celebration. Her husband, Halhgrim, took her body to the Ghosts of Broken Throne so that her ancestors could watch over her pyre. One of her companions, a horse handler with no family, also died and was quietly placed in the cookfires.

Darkness Season, Great Snow Day
As the Valind Snows strike, a Priestess from the Maran Gor Shaker Temple arrives to demand tribute from Clan Amaethwyr. Grief-stricken over his daughter’s death the day before, Chief Ranulf refuses to meet with her. The next day, on Earkshaking Day, he then strikes her and refuses her hospitality. So she goes to the edge of the Tula, and summons her Dinosuar Riders. The priestess settles for levying a weregild on Halhgrim of 25 cows. The next day, a messenger arrives with a plea for aid from the Black Spear Clan of the Colymar tribe. Ruhri is placed in charge: his brother elects to relocate to the Colymar; the charcoal gatherer offers to come to keep the fires going; a cow herder offers to bring some cattle; Quack Jon agrees to go; nine Vingans volunteer to go, including Dushi the Red Raider and Jareen Redhair. The count is seven carts (3 food, 1 provision, 1 Ironhands, 1 Cow Feed) and Nine Vingans.


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