Halhgrim Deathwind

Humakti Swordsmith


Age 22
“Big” “Slouched” “Big Ears”

Glory 2160

SIZ 21, DEX 11, STR 15, CON 13, APP 9
Damage 6d6, Healing Rate 3, Movement Rate 3, Hit Points 28, Unconscious 7

Personality Traits
Chaste/Lustful 9/11
Energetic/Lazy 17/3
Forgiving/Vengeful 10/10
Generous/Selfish 9/11
Honest/Deceitful 17/3
Just/Arbitrary 9/11
Merciful/Cruel 12/8
Modest/Proud 6/14
Pious/Wordly 10/10
Prudent/Reckless 8/12
Temperate/Indulgent 15/5
Trusting/Suspicious 9/11
Valorous/Cowardly 16/4

Loyalty to Clan 18
Loyalty to Tribe 13
Love of Family 3
Honor 19
Hospitality 10
Hate Lunars 17
Initiate of Humakt 16
Hate Undead 16
Fear Dragons 15
Hate Telmori 13
Fear Telmori 4
Hate Lunar Collaborators 15
Love Jareena Redhair 15
Love Griselda Ranulfsdottir 13

Awareness 13
Bargaining 5
Courtesy 11
Custom,Heortling 23
Dancing 3
First Aid 9
Hunting 4
Industry, Smith 20
Industry, Brewer 16
Intrigue 14
Mineral Lore 20
Orate 20
Plant Lore 8
Recognize 8
Religion, Heortling 1
Religion, Ingenew 13
Singing 1
Speak Trade 11
Stealth 6
World Lore 4
Chaos Lore 2
Ritual 22
Battle 11
Riding 10
Dagger 10
Great Sword 14
Sword & Shield 16

Magic Affinities

  • Death +3
  • Honor +2
  • Smithing +4

Death Light
Aura of Death
Sense Ambush
Ward off Magic with Gesture
Enchant Bronze, Iron & Silver Rituals
Strengthen Metal Ritual
Imbue Sword with Magic Ritual

Fine Chain Armor, Unbreakable Helm

Magic Items: Wolf Heart, Cowhide Vest


Halhgrim is an initiate of Humakt through Ingenew Redson. Unlike most Humakti, Halhgrim wants to do more than just kill his enemies; he also wants to create the perfect sword to kill them with.

This last year, he arranged for a one year marriage with Jareena Redhair, a Vingan warrior, because he wanted a child before he Devoted to Humakt. She did not express any interest in a long-term marriage or children so he left Jareena for Griselda Ranulfsdottir, an unattractive girl who always like him. Sadly, she died just as they were beginning to get to know each other. He blames himself for the horror that consumed Griselda’s soul because he knows that it was her dedication to him that drove her to enter the Caves of Chaos. Halhgrim has come to accept that he was never meant to have a family or to be married and he has decided to join the Humakti warband as their swordsmith.

His mother is Sora Brightfire, the clan’s senior Mahome priestess.
His dad is Gringle Fairtongue who is now the Clan’s first lawspeaker.

Humakt’s Holy Days
Sea Season – Wavekiller Day
Fire Season – Smithing Day
Earth Season – Day of Standards
Dark Season – Dark Death Day
Storm Season – Death Day [high holy day]
Sacred Time – Honor Day

Halhgrim Deathwind

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