Jareena Redhair

2nd Weaponthane of Clan Ameathwyr, Halhgrim's ex-wife


Age 22, “Shapely”

SIZ 14, DEX 10, STR 16, CON 12, APP 12
Damage 6d6, Healing Rate 2, Movement Rate 2, Hit Points 28, Unconscious 7

Personality Traits
Chaste/Lustful 10/10
Energetic/Lazy 17/3
Forgiving/Vengeful 6/14
Generous/Selfish 10/10
Honest/Deceitful 10/10
Just/Arbitrary 10/10
Merciful/Cruel 12/8
Modest/Proud 7/13
Pious/Wordly 10/10
Prudent/Reckless 8/12
Temperate/Suspicous 10/10
Trusting/Suspicious 10/10
Valorous/Cowardly 14/6

Loyalty to Clan 19
Loyalty to Tribe 11
Love of Family 17
Honor 15
Hospitality 16
Hate Lunars 16
Hate Chaos 15
Follower of Vinga 16
Loyalty to Vingan Warband 10
Loyalty to Fyrd 11
Defend Stead 16
Hate Telmori 15

Animal Lore 15
Awareness 16
Chirurgery 13
First Aid 16
Flirting 11
Orate 11
Play Lute 14
Religion Vinga 8
Singing 11
Stealth 15
Ritual 10
Battle 17
Riding 15
Grapple 14
Spear & Shield 16

Magic Affinities
Combat +5
Movement +2
Protection +2

Wilderness Survival
Burst of Speed
Defend Non-Combatant
Hide in Cover Talent

Fine Chain Armor, Unbreakable Helm, Unbreakable Spear


Father is LLiord Bunderson, former warrior, now a farmer at Stead Narfon
Mother is a Healer
No siblings

She is bitter over her divorce from Halhgrim. She never told him that she was not trying to conceive because she wanted him to propose marriage. And she has never forgiven Griselda for ruining her wedding day. She wasn’t mad that Halhgrim wanted to leave her to father a child – he is a Humakti and conception is rare for them. She was mad he wanted Griselda. When Jareena learned that Griselda was dead and that her soul was lost in the Caves of Chaos she said, “Poor Chief Ranulf”. After Jareena divorced Halhgrim she won the position of second weaponthane. She intneds to change her devotion to Vinga through Orlanth to remain a weaponthane.

Jareena Redhair

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