Quackjon Blackfeathers

Druz Humakti Runelord of Hueymakt Deathdwake


Age 29
“Shiny Feathers” “Price on Tail”

SIZ 11, DEX 15, STR 16, CON 14, APP 12
Damage 5d6, Healing Rate 3, Movement Rate 3, Hit Points 30, Unconscious 7

Personality Traits
Chaste/Lustful 10/10
Energetic/Lazy 17/3
Forgiving/Vengeful 6/14
Generous/Selfish 13/7
Honest/Deceitful 16/4
Just/Arbitrary 11/9
Merciful/Cruel 12/8
Modest/Proud 7/13
Pious/Wordly 10/10
Prudent/Reckless 8/12
Temperate/Indulgent 14/6
Trusting/Suspicious 10/10
Valorous/Cowardly 16/4

Loyalty to Nest 8
Loyalty to Warband 17
Love of Family 9
Honor 17
Hospitality 15
Hate Lunars 15
Hate Chaos 12
Hate Snapping Turtles 14
Follower of Humakt 18
Hate Undead 18
Fear Delecti the Necromancer 11
Tolerate Humans 17

Animal Lore 11
Awareness 17
Boating 13
Courtesy 12
First Aid 16
Hunting 12
Orate 11
Industry (Boatmaking) 14
Mineral Lore 8
Orate 11
Religion Humakt 14
Speak Trade 11
Stealth 12
Swimming 25
Ritual 17
Battle 15
Riding 10
Dagger 18
Great Sword 18
Sword & Dagger 24

Magic Affinities
Death +7
Honor +2
Strong Sword +5

Death, Death & Truth Runes

Aura of Death
Death Light
Sense Ambush
Great Blow
Song of Death
Bless Corpse
Sense Undead
Parry Blow
Wound Vampire
Hold Breath Talent
See Underwater Charm
Shape Cigar Smoke

Zombie-scale Armor [6 armor, Aura of Death], Dragon Hide Helm [3 armor, grants Sight 21], Sword of Burning Shadows +3 [Fight Darkness, Ward off Necromancy], Unbreakable Dagger, Darkwind


JonJon Blackfeathers was born to the clutch of the great Fire Shaman, Mudworm. He eagerly joined the ranks of the Deathdrakes and has a talent for killing undead. Unlike most Druz, he liked humans so when a band of human Humakti came to the swamp he agreed to guide them. But when they discovered that their Temple in Boldhome had been destroyed by the Lunars he agreed to lead them so that they could avenge themselves on the Lunar army. This is is longest journey away from the Swamp and he is beginning to miss all the zombies.

Quackjon Blackfeathers

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