Blue Woad

Woad is painted on before Battle


Use of Woad requires the “painter” to have the Brew Woad Ritual. The Ritual grants the ability to paint any of the following Major Runes:

Death +5 to Melee Damage
Air +5 to Missile Damage
Beast +5 to Mounted Damage
Earth +5 to Strength to Resolve Tests e.g. Grapples
Illusion +5 to Stealth
Mastery +5 to Missile Damage
Magic +5 to Magic Resistance
Movement +5 to Dexterity to Resolve Tests e.g. determine Initiative, resist Knockback
Spirit +5 Armor versus Spirit Damage
Water +5 to Constitution to Resist Wounds e.g. Major Wound level

The Ritual requires one hour of preparation where each God invoked is called upon by one of his followers to aid those present. Each person can only have one Rune painted on them.

The Runes last through one night or one day and then lose their potency.


Blue Woad

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