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Clan Ameathwyr PCs:

Hate Lunars +3
Hate Telmori 11
Friendly to Refugees 11, else Hospitality -3

Walk in Snowshoes +3

Character Creation STEPS

Note: No starting skill or passion can exceed 15. Extra bonus points are lost.

  1. Roll for your birth number (you are d6 of d6 children)
  2. Roll survival for each sibling and for your parents (d20, 1-13 living, 14-17 dead, 18-19 dying, 20 missing for 2d6 years)
  3. Make Death Roll for Dying Family Members
  4. Distribute 60 points to attributes, zero starting values. Heortling Minimums are SIZ 8,DEX 5,STR 5, CON 5, and APP 5
  5. Men add +1 CON and +2 SIZ and Women add +2 CON and +1 APP to attributes
  6. Roll d6 for family background. First d6 roll is family’s social rank, then roll for parent’s occupation (father/mother).
  7. Take skill bonuses from parent’s occupation (men learn father’s skills, women learn mother’s skills).
  8. Roll d10 for family shrine, add bonus for family patron
  9. Choose your occupation and add +10 to two of your occupation skills [max 15]. Take personality trait bonuses, weregild & standard of living for occupation.
  10. Choose a God and a Hero subcult (ignore occupation restrictions; these are for NPCs).
  11. Write down religion’s Magic Traits (affinities). All affinities start at rank 1.
  12. Underline your religion’s personality traits, passions and skills. Then write down any new directed traits or passions on to your character sheet.
  13. Add +3 to all underlined traits & skills and religion’s directed traits & passions.
  14. Determine starting values for your Passions if not specified (usually 3d6 or 2d6+6)
  15. Assign 30 points to your Skills [you cannot raise any skills which are still at zero]
  16. Dragon Pass Orlanthi add: Follower of “Godname” 11, Tula Lore 14, Tribal Lore 11, Cattle Raid (7/1).
    You are now 16 years old. Age your character five times to age 21 (see Aging below).

Family Background (d6 for social status, d6 for dad’s/mom’s occupation)
1-3 Cottar 1 Farmer / Steadwife (half-carls), 2 Fisherman / Steadwife, 3 Hunter / Steadwife,
4 Herder / Steadwife, 5 Warrior / Healer, 6 Warrior / Entertainer
4 Carl 1 Wealthy Farmer/Wealthy Steadwife, 2 Smith, 3-6 Craftsman
5 Thane 1 Weaponthane, 2-4 Merchant, 5 Scribe, 6 Godi or Spirit-Talker
6 Noble or Thrall 1 Beggar, 2 Stickpicker, 3 Gardener, 4 Skald, 5 Lawspeaker, 6 Clan Chief

Family Shrine (d10)
You were raised worshipping a patron deity, and receive the following blessing:
1. Elmal +10 to Riding
2. Donandar +10 to Play [instrument]
3. Yinkin +10 to Flirting
4. Barntar +10 to Industry (Brewing)
5. Odayla +10 to Hunting
6. Drogarsi +10 to Singing
7. Chalana Arroy +10 to Chirurgery
8. Ernalda +10 to Custom (Heortling)
9. Orlanth +10 to Stewardship
10. Lhankor Mhy +10 to Orate


  • Add 1 point to a Personality Trait OR Add 1 point to an Attribute OR Add d6 skill points (up to the starting cap of 15) OR Add 1 point to a skill already at or above 15 (only way you can exceed cap).
  • Add 1 point to one magic affinity per year (age 21 character will have eight magic points).

Your Religion
Initiates in a religion acquire the Cult’s Magic Affinities, Geas, Passions (if any), Starting Feats & Directed Traits (if any). The Cult’s favored skills and virtues provide starting bonuses. Heroic feats are learned through gameplay. All Heortling religions accept Flesh Man as an Associated Cult so Heortlings also start with one of his Talents. Note: Summon [Spirit/Daimon] includes Command and Banish effects as well.

Heortling Occupations

Traits: Lazy +1, Deceitful +2
Skills: Awareness +2, Begging +5, Orate +1, Sleight +2, Stealth +2
Magic: Any, though beggars can rarely keep up with worship ceremonies
Living Standard: Minimal
Wergild: Cottar, sometimes Outlaw
Disadvantages: Beggars are often ill, many have a mutilation. Also, they are supported by their Family and are not full members of Heortling society (or they would not be beggars).
Equipment: Ratty clothes and scraps of food.

Traits: Energetic +2, Prudent +1
Skills: Industry (any craft skill) +5, Bargaining +1, Any Lore +5, Speak Trade +1
Magic: Ernalda Allmother (Orane or Pella) for women; Orlanth Allfather (Durev or Orstan) for men; also Gustbran, Lhankor Mhy or Minlister.
Equipment: Spear or other weapon; equipment necessary to perform craft; hut with chickens and garden plot.

Traits: Proud +1, Lustful +2
Physical Skills: Folklore +1, Sing +2, [Other Entertainment Skill] +1, Sleight +2, Memorize +2, Recognize +3, World Lore
Magic: Ernalda Allmother (Skovara); also Donandar or Eurmal
Living Standard: Minimal
Wergild: Cottar
Equipment: Dagger, bundle of clothes, props, and musical instrument

Traits: Energetic +1, Honest +1
Skills: Animal Lore +2, Bargaining +2, Hunting +2, Plant Lore +2, Stewardship +5
Magic: Orlanth Allfather (Durev or Orlanthcarl) or Orlanth Thunderous (Ohorlanth); also Barntar or Heler
Living Standard: Common
Wergild: Carl. Poor farmers who do not own their own farm are half-carls or cottars.
Equipment: Leather helmet, shield, spear and dagger; farmstead, small herd of cows or sheep, ox-team and plow (or plow for half-carls or cottars).

Traits: Lazy +1, Honest +1, Proud +1,
Skills: Boating +5, Industry (Fishing) +5, World Lore +2
Magic: Orlanth Allfather (Durev or Poverri)
Living Standard: Common
Wergild: Carl. Poor fishermen who do not own their own boat are half-carls.
Equipment: Leather helmet, shield, spear and dagger; small boat, traps, nets; small farmstead near River.

Gardener (Handyman, Laborer or Thrall)
Traits: Energetic +1, Modest +2
Skills: Plant Lore +5, Industry (Farming) +2, Recognize +2, Stewardship +3
Magic: Ernalda Allmother (Orane or Overdruva) for women; Orlanth Allfather (Durev or Orlanthcarl) for men
Living Standard: Minimal
Wergild: Cottar.
Equipment: Gardening Tools; place in someone else’s stead, or small holding with a garden plot and a few pigs and chickens.

Godi (God-talker)
Traits: Pious +2, Proud +1
Skills: Memorize +2, Ritual +5, Religion (Heortling) +3, Sight +2
Magic: Any
Living Standard: Common.
Wergild: Carl.
Equipment: Leather helmet, shield, spear and dagger for men; ritual equipment and clothing; small house and garden plot.

Traits: Merciful +2, Temperate +1
Skills: Chirurgery +5, First Aid +5, Plant Lore +2
Magic: Ernalda the Healer (Any subcult); also Chalana Arroy or Heler
Living Standard: Common.
Wergild: Cottar
Equipment: First aid kit with bandages, salves, and ordinary medicines.

Traits: Prudent +1, Suspicious +1
Mental Skills: Animal Lore +5, Awareness +2, Hunting +2, Sling +1, Stewardship +3
Magic: Orlanth Allfather (Durev or Orolmarn); also Heler or Yinkin
Living Standard: Common.
Wergild: Carl
Equipment: Leather helmet, shield, spear, bow or sling, and dagger; herd of cows, sheep or pigs; small house in upper pastures or small stead.

Traits: Cruel +2
Skills: Animal Lore +2, Bow +2, Devise +2, Hunting +5, Stealth +2
Magic: Orlanth Adventurous (Destor, Ormalaya, Tatouth or Varanorlanth), or Orlanth Allfather (Durev); also Odayla or Yinkin.
Living Standard: Minimal.
Wergild: Carl
Equipment: Bow and arrows, snares, traps; various furs, skins, teeth and claws; small stead or hunting camp.

Traits: Selfish +1
Skills: Bargain +5, Courtesy +2, Custom (other) +1, Mathematics +1, Speak Trade +1, Speak (other) +1, World Lore +3
Magic: Orlanth Allfather (Durev) or Orlanth Adventurous (Destor) for men; Esrola (any subcult) or Ernalda Allmother (Orane or Pella) for women; also Asrelia or Issaries.
Living Standard: Common.
Wergild: Cottar
Equipment: Leather helmet, shield, spear, and dagger for men; trade goods, pack animal (or two slaves); small stead.

Writing is rare among Heortlings – a literate Heortling has actually “stolen” knowledge from the temple of Lhankor Mhy – and few scribes make a living outside the city. Lhankor Mhy Scribes live and work in the cities, not among the clans. Independent scribes have a minimal living standard as there is little call for their services.
Traits: Cowardly +2
Skills: Courtesy +3, Custom (Heortling) +2, Read Heortling +2, Read (other) +1, Speak Trade +1, Speak (other) +1, Write Heortling +2, Write (other) +1
Magic: Lhankor Mhy or any
Living Standard: Minimal (independent scribe) or Common (Lhankor Mhy scribe)
Wergild: Cottar
Equipment: Dagger; parchment, pens, inks, writing board; small house in city or place in Chief’s hall.

Skald (high entertainer)
Traits: Lustful +1, Proud +2
Skills: Compose +3, Courtesy +2, Intrigue +2, Memorize +2, Play (Lyre) +1, Singing +2
Magic: Orlanth Adventurous (Drogarsi); also Donandar.
Living Standard: Common.
Wergild: Carl
Equipment: Dagger; musical instrument; place in chieftan’s hall.

All clans support a smith, who makes and repairs metal tools and weapons. The primary metal used by Heortlings is bronze, which comes from the bones of slain gods. Other important metals are iron, copper and tin, but few smiths know how to work these metals, especially iron, which is rare. Bronze smiths are called Bonesmith or Redsmith (from the color of bronze), and Blacksmith if they work with iron.
Traits: Honest +2
Skills: Bargaining +2, Industry (smithing) +5, Mineral Lore +5, Speak Trade +1
Magic: Gustbran for Redsmiths or Humakt (Inginew Redson) for Blacksmiths
Living Standard: Common
Wergild: Cottars for Redsmiths and Carl for Blacksmiths
Equipment: Metalworking tools; half-finished tools and weapons; small house with a forge; an apprentice follower.
Disadvantages: Smiths work for the good of their patron.

Spirit-Talker [Animistic magic]
You are what other cultures call a shaman. You can talk to, combat, and bargain with spirits. You may be known and accepted by a local village or clan, but are just as likely to be a hermit in the hills who is sought out when your abilities are needed.
Traits: Temperate +1
Skills: Plant Lore +2, First Aid +2, Sight +5, Ritual +5
Magic: Ganval or Oakfed [rulebook pg. 146-7] are the two Great Spirits of Dragon Pass and do not belong to a Spirit Tradition. Ganval is the enemy of the Telmori wolf people and hates all wolves. Oakfed is a powerful fire spirit who tried to devour the world and was defeated and bound to serve the people of Dragon Pass (Heortlings call him Kolat).
Living Standard: Common.
Wergild: Cottar
Equipment: Place in Chief’s hall, ritual costume and accessories, Special implements; an Assistant as a Follower

Traits: Lustful +1, Generous +1, Prudent +1
Skills: Animal Lore +1, Bargaining +1, Plant Lore +1, Industry (Threshing) for Farmer’s wife or Industry (Cheese-making) for Herder’s wife or Industry (Prepare Hides) for Hunter’s wife or Industry (Prepare Fish) for Fisherman’s wife at +5, Stewardship +2, Train Allynx +2
Magic: Ernalda Allmother (Orane) or any other subcult of Ernalda; also, Esrola (Esra or Uralda)
Living Standard: Common.
Wergild: same as husband
Equipment: Tools and implements; half-carls have a small stead with small garden plot, alynxes and geese; and carls have a large stead and garden plot, as well as alynxes, cows and sheep.

Stickpicker (thrall)
Traits: Lazy +2, Cowardly +1
Skills: Awareness +4, [Dagger +2 for Men], [Flirting +2 for Women], Plant Lore +2, Recognize +2, Stealth +2
Magic: Any
Living Standard: Minimal
Wergild: Cottar or none
Equipment: Dagger for men; bundle of clothes; hidden cache of sticks; secret hiding place.

Traits: Lustful +1, Reckless +1, Valorous +1
Skills: Battle +3 [includes Brew Woad], Riding +2, Javelin +2, Spear +3, Sword +2
Magic: Orlanth Adventurous (any subcult) or Orlanth Allfather (Starkval) or Orlanth Thunderous (any subcult except Ohorlanth) for men; Vinga (any subcult) for women; also Babeester Gor, Elmal, Heler, Humakt, Maran, and Urox.
Living Standard: Common.
Wergild: Carl
Equipment: Leather armor and helmet, shield, spear, dagger, and other appropriate weapons; small stead or place in chieftain’s hall.

Character Creation

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