Clan History

Clan Amaethwyr of the Dubán Tribe

Ancient Clan History

We were the first kings of the Celfyddyd Tribe. We remember when Orlanth tamed his stormy brothers, laid down the laws, and founded the Storm Tribe. In the beginning, we joined the Making Clan led by Gustbran the Smith as craftsmen and herders. We followed Heort’s teachings by growing our herds and living in peace. When King Vingkot said to shelter the people of a ruined clan, we agreed and made them cottars, like ourselves, because we kept no thralls. When the Lunar missionaries first came, we turned them away. Our old Wyter resided in the Standing Stone of Stead Beddgelert and blessed our land with fertile soil and good harvests. But our peaceful Wyter could not guard us against the Lunars. In 1591, Shepelkirt the Blood Moon (Goddess of the Lunar Empire) sent her Legions to drive us from our home. King Leofmar summoned the Fyrd and we met the 3rd Legion in battle at Clan Fall. When they broke through our Shieldwall they slaughtered our people at Broken Throne and burned down our steads. The survivors fled to Thunder Pass and to Clans Karga and Mammog. When the Lunars withdrew to Jonstown, we returned to our lands to bury our dead and rebuid our longhouses, but the Tribe was broken and half our clan were dead or missing. The tribe’s northern lands were given by the Lunars as fief to Oldham Camarthen, an evil Tarshite mercenary whose two sons founded Clans Elemo and Kurtalo over 10 years ago. Now we have to fight the Lunars to free our lands. We will always be rebels!

Recent Clan History

At the start of the campaign, the Clan has been reduced to less than 300 adults, clustered around two main steads, Narfon (the River Stead) and Beddgelert (the Chief’s Stead) along the Apple Way trade route. Each stead has 10-15 longhouses plus several lodges. The Clan Chief and his Fyrd are in the Thunder Brother Lodge at Beddgelert. The Vinga Warband is at the Red Headed Lodge outside Stead Narfon. The clan once had over 1,000 adults occupying three main steads and satellite steads. The old Stead Felinder is haunted and is now called Broken Throne. A new Stead Felinder was recently founded last year.

Tribe Information

Before the Lunar Occupation, we were part of the Celfyddyd “Maker” Tribe, which broke from the Colymar Tribe over 100 years ago. Each clan in our tribe was known for a craft or art, and we were known for our hearthstones and wyter stones. Then the Lunars came and shattered our tribe. Now, Earth Season of 1605, we have formed a new Tribe, and took the name Dubán, meaning the “Black Shields.” Now we stand ready to defend our lands and perhaps to make a last stand against the Lunars and the Telmori.

Clan Data

Economic Speciality: Farming & Livestock

Temple: Orlanth All Father near Stead Felinder in Blueflower Meadow

Shrines: Ernalda (Beddgelert), Yinkin (Felinder) & Vinga (Narfon)

Tula Size: 110 hides (tax base), 8 × 8 square kilometers (actual size)

Land Use: Grain: 25%, Livestock: 45%, Hunting 15%, Fishing 10%, Village 5%

Population: 296 Adults

Fyrd: 120 foot, 20 horse, 2 weaponthanes and 20 Warband (Vingans)

Goals: Drive Lunars from our Lands, Drive Tarshites from our Lands, Peace with the Telmori, Lay the ghosts of Broken Throne to rest, Trade with Redbird for Bronze, Trade with Jonstown at Famous Bell for Iron (in the past), Harvest Honey for mead, Harvest Hard Woods for crafts and building, Harvest Wool for Ernalda’s loom house, build Mines.

Lunar Relations: Poor (reprisal expected soon)

Enemies: Tarshite Dogs, Shepelkirt Heortlings, Lunar Occupiers, Telmori Raiders

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Clan History

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