Dragon Pass Religions

The Cults of Sartar for PenDragon Pass
ver. 2, as of Oct-10

Deities are listed in Bold-Underline, followed by their Runes in Bold.
Some deities have Subcults, reprsented by Minor Deities, listed in Underline.

ARGAR ARGAN Equal Exchange (Merchant) Darkness
The Dark Husband
Virtues: Lustful, Indulgent, Suspicious, Wordly
Magic: Exchange with Others, Husband-Protector, Son of Night
Starting Feats: Befriend Uz (or “I am not Food”), Enchant Lead (or “Bolg is not Food”), See in Darkness
Heroic Feats: Summon Living Shadow, Walk Unseen in Shadow, Evaluate Quality of Goods, Talk with Hands
Skills: Bargain, Orate, Wordlore, Speak Tradetalk, Speak Uz, Custom (Uz), Sight, Religion (Darkness Tribe), Religion (Argar Argan)
Secret: Convince Buyer (or “This for That”) & Convince Seller (or “That for This”)
Argar Argan was a human King who bridged the divisions between humans and trolls (the Uz) in the Darkness Age. Before the Pharoahs ruled Kethaela, Argar Argan ruled a coalition of troll and human nations and fought Chaos. He is still worshipped today in Esrolia as one of Ernalda’s Husband-Protectors and by the Uz as their God of Trade. Bolgs are lead coins used by Trolls and minted through the secrets of Argar Argan. Argar Argan is considered a Foreign Cult among Heortling.

BARNTAR Farming Plants Beasts (domestic)

The Plowman
Geas: Must be a farmer or the son of a farmer
Virtues: Energetic, Honest, Proud, Pious, Suspicious
Magic: Agriculture, Domestic Animals, Honest Work
Directed Trait: It’s Better with Beer
Skills: Animal Lore, Plant Lore, Religion (Barntar), Stewardship, Industry (Brewing)
Starting Feats: Know Weather, Tireless Labor
Heroic Feats: Plow Hard Earth, Strong as an Ox, Tame Bull
Secret: Plow Any Field

BEMUROK, UROX Resist Chaos Death (Combat) Air (Storm)
The Storm Bull, God of Berserks, God of Wild Cattle
Geas: “Any Chaos is All Chaos” – Uroxi must fight chaos at every opportunity.
Virtues: Proud, Arbitrary, Suspicious, Valorous
Magic: Anti-Chaos, Berserk Wind, Wild Wind
Directed Trait: Barbaric
Passions: Hate Chaos
Skills: Animal Lore, Awareness, Hunting, Religion (Bemurok), Riding, Any Two Handed Weapon (Great Sword, Great Axe, Great Spear or Maul)
Starting Feats: Sense Chaos
Heroic Feats: Call Dust Storm, Summon Wild Umbroli, Fearless Mount, Horns of Urox, Ignore Wounds, Ride Sky Bull, Shield Against Chaos,

BRASTALOS Harmony (Still Air)
Goddess of Calm Air, Bringer of Fair Weather
Virtues: Energetic, Honest, Proud, Merciful, Temperate
Magic: Still Air, Silence, Stop Conflict
Directed Trait: Calm
Skills: Custom (Heortling), Orate, Religion (Brastalos), Ritual, Stewardship
Starting Feats: Endure Weather
Heroic Feats: Cloud Clear, Stop Wind, Silence Thunder
Secret: Eye of the Storm
Brastalos is considered to be a foreign cult because she is opposed to Storms.

CHALANA ARROY Harmony (Heal Body) Harmony (Heal Soul)
Goddess of Healing and Comfort
Geas: Initiates swear an oath to aid all within the limits of their ability and to foreswear all violence and bloodshed. They also eat no meat, and cannot study weapon skills.
Virtues: Forgiving, Generous, Merciful, Modest, Trusting
Magic: Calm Fear, Heal Wounds
Passions: Pacifist
Skills: First Aid, Chirurgery, Plant Lore, Religion (Chalana), Singing
Starting Feats: Brew Healing Potion, Stop Bleeding, Treat Disease, Treat Poison
Heroic Feats: Song of Comfort, Song of Sleep, Quiet Everyone, Stop Berserk Rage, Heal Chaos Wound, Heal Dying, Heal Poisoned Wound, Prevent Infection

Ferace Movement
The Wild Healer
Virtues: Worldly
Magic: Travel Safely
Passions: Kind to Strangers
Skills: Courtesy, World Lore Starting Feats: Find Path
Heroic Feats: Fade from View, Calm Predator, Leap Away
Secret: Don’t Hurt Me

Natyra Resist Chaos
The Chaos Foe
Virtues: Valorous
Magic: Cure Chaos
Passions: Hate Chaos
Skills: Awareness, Recognize
Starting Feats: Sense Chaos, Resist Chaos Magic
Heroic Feats: Exorcise Madness Spirit, Exorcise Chaos Spirit
Secret: Heal All Chaos Ritual

PRANJALA Spirit (of disease)
Mistress of Defeating Illness
Magic: Cure Disease
Skills: Sight
Starting Feats: Sense Disease Spirits, Exorcise Disease Spirit
Heroic Feats: Stop Illness
Secret: Restore Ravaged Body

SISTERS OF MERCY Spirit (of healing)
Cult of the Three Holy Sisters
Magic: Otherworld Healing
Skills: Sight, Underworld Lore
Starting Feats: Heal Spirit
Heroic Feats: Summon Nehaling
Secret: Resurrect Other Ritual

Healers of Chalana Arroy and patients under their care are considered inviolate in Heortling society, and harming either one is a capital crime. Chalana’s Devotees may not marry and must divorce their spouse if already married, and sever all other relationships.

DAKA FAL Man Spirit (of man)
Judge of the Dead, Death’s First Victim
Virtues: Just, Vengeful, Worldly
Magic: Ancestors, Soul Wind
Skills: Recognize, Religion (Daka Fal), Sight, Shamanism, Stewardship, Spear
Starting Feats: Sense Spirits, Summon Ancestor, Spirit Face, Speak with Spirits
Heroic Feats: Soothe Spirit, Banish Spirit, Spirit World Combat, Know Name
Secret: Incarnate Ancestor Ceremony
Daka Fal is a shamanic practice. His followers may summon, banish and command Ancestor spirits without a ceremony.

DOBURDUN Air (Storm)
The Loyal Storm, The Thunder Husband
Virtues: Energetic, Just, Temperate, Valorous
Magic: Storm, Thunder Addi
Passion: Tolerate Chaos (replaces Hate Chaos)
Skills: Battle, Courtesy, Mace (Addi), Stewardship, Religion (Doburdund),Throw Addi
Starting Feats: Call Clouds, Command Thunderstorm, Command Air Daimon
Heroic Feats: Booming Voice, Lashing Winds, Shrug Off Storm Magic
Secret: Throw Lightning Addi
In the Empire and now in Tarsh, Orlanth worship is outlawed and only Doburdun worship is allowed. In Sartar, Doburdun magic is decidedly inferior to Orlanth. Nonetheless, his cult is approved by the Provincial Overseer, and is for many an acceptable alternative to being outlawed or crucified for worshipping Orlanth. Doburdun is considered a Foreign Cult among Orlanthi Heortling.

DONANDAR Illusion (Performance) Harmony (Music)
The God of Cosmic Music 
Virtues: Lustful, Generous, Proud, Worldly
Magic: Entertaining Music, Entrancement
Directed Trait: Whistle While You Work
Passions: Kind to Strangers
Skills: Compose, Memorize, Speak (Dara Happan), Play (instrument), Play (2nd instrument), Religion (Donandar), Singing, Speak (Heortling)
Starting Feats: Sing in a Foreign Language, Make Music Visible
Heroic Feats: Sing While Running, Sing While Fighting, Mimicry, Weave Illusion with Words
The Skald
Magic: High Entertainment
Passions: Loyalty to Clan
Skills: Dancing, Custom (Heortling)
Starting Feats: Recite Epic Tale
Heroic Feats: Ridiculing Song, Wind Carries Song, Courting Dance
Secret: Battle Paean

MOLAMIN Movement
The Choreographer
Magic: Choreography
Skills: Dancing, Custom (Dara Happan) 
Starting Feats: Tireless Dance
Heroic Feats: Perfect Timing
Secret: Harmonize Movement

SkovarI Movement
God of Music and Dance
Magic: Low Entertainment
Skills: Industry (Puppeteer), Custom (Heortling)
Starting Feats: Make Puppets Look Real, Make Children Laugh
Heroic Feats: Breath Flame, Make Audience Happy/Sad/Afraid
Secret: Entertain Audience

Heortling Skalds worship Drogarsi through Orlanth. Court Bards and women Skalds worship Drogarsi through Donandar. Female Storytellers worship Skovara through Ernalda. Male Storytellers worship Skovari, her husband, through Donandar. The Molamin subcult is a foreign religion found in Boldhome.

ENGIZI Water(Creek & Stream) River
The Skyriver Titan, God of the Creekstream River
Virtues: Energetic, Arbitrary, Just, Worldly
Magic: Creek & Stream, River, Travel
Passions: Hate Chaos, Hate Delecti The Necromancer
Skills: Bargaining, Boating, Industry (Fish), Religion (Engizi), Swimming, World Lore
Starting Feats: Know River’s Currents, Speak with River Creatures
Heroic Feats: Flow from Harm, Bear over Water, Ford the River, Fight on River
Secrets: Swim Back From Death

ELMAL Death (Combat) Light
God of the Sun & Horses, Orlanth’s Housecarl
Virtues: Energetic, Honest, Pious, Trusting, Valorous
Magic: Combat, Light
Passions: Loyalty to Clan
Skills: Bow, Javelin, Religion (Elmal), Riding, Spear, Stewardship
Starting Feats: Endure Pain, Blazing Spear
Heroic Feats: Brilliant Shield, Fight Chaos, Fight Uz, Illuminate Speaker, Rapid Charge, Sun, Resist Seduction, Resist Darkness, See in Darkness, Unquenchable Light

Mastery (Rulership)
The Chieftain
Virtues: Proud
Magic: Rule Clan
Skills: Bargaining, Custom (Heortling), Orate
Starting Feats: Invoke Wyter
Heroic Feats: Radiate Authority
Secret: Command Clan 

Beasts (Horses)
The Rider
Magic: Horses
Passions: Love Horses
Skills: Animal Lore, First Aid
Starting Feats: Herd Horses, Train Horse
Heroic Feats: Horsemanship, Sureshot
Secret: Become One with Horse

Plant (Grain)
The Grower
Magic: Grain
Skills: Plant Lore
Starting Feats: Keep Stored Grain Dry
Heroic Feats: Clear Clouds, Resist Frost
Secret: Bless Field Ritual

Elmal Hearthguard
Defense (Hearth)
Magic: Defend
Skills: Awareness, Devise
Starting Feats: Defensive Tactics 
Heroic Feats: Stand Fast, Endure Wound, Build Traps, Build Fortifications
Secret: Survive Until Dawn

Beasts (Horses)
Virtues: Proud
Magic: Bless Horses
Passions: Love Horses
Skills: Animal Lore, Chirurgery
Starting Feats: Horse Doctor
Heroic Feats: Rekindle Hearthfire
Secret: Become Horse

Perception (Vigilance)
Magic: Vigilance
Passions: Defend Stead
Skills: Awareness, Recognize
Starting Feats: Keen Hearing, Keen Vision
Heroic Feats: Look Into Brightness
Secret: Never Sleep

Worshippers of Elmal are all men, except for the Redalda subcult which are all women. Elmal worshippers are required to patrol at night if members of the Fyrd.

ERNALDA Earth Earth
Virtues: Energetic, Just, Prudent
Passions: Unmerciful to Enemies
Skills: Animal Lore, Mineral Lore, Plant Lore, Religion (Ernalda), Ritual
Secret: Be Earth

Virtues: Lustful, Generous
Magic: Bless Family, Bless Mothers
Directed Trait: Motherly
Skills: Industry (Weaving)
Starting Feats: Control Children, Get Everyone’s Attention
Heroic Feats: Aid Conception, Aid Contraception, Beautify Self, Conceal Family, Bless Birth, Bless Domestic Animal, Bless Marriage

Goddess of Pregnancy & Childbirth
Virtues: Merciful
Magic: Bless Childbirth
Passions: Kind to Children
Skills: Chirurgery
Starting Feats: Bless Baby, Turn Baby
Heroic Feats: Heal Baby in Womb
Secret: Assist Birth

 Fire (Hearthfire)
Goddess of the Hearthfire
Virtues: Pious
Magic: Bless Hearth
Skills: Stewardship
Starting Feats: Carve Hearthstone, Kindle Hearthfire
Heroic Feats: Keep Warm, Heal Burn
Secret: Control Fire

The Steadwife
Magic: Bless Stead
Skills: Stewardship
Starting Feats: Call Children, Call Cats
Heroic Feats: Weave Without Flaws
Secret: Mother Knows Best

Plant (Adrayami)
The Forest Friend
Virtues: Generous
Magic: Bless Plants
Passions: Kind to Aldrayami
Skills: Customs (Aldrayami), Speak (Aldrayami)
Starting Feats: Bless Garden
Heroic Feats: Hear Song of Aldraya
Secret: Befriend Forest

The Potter
Magic: Pottery
Skills: Industry (Pottery)
Starting Feats: Bless Kiln
Heroic Feats: Enchant Pottery
Secret: Awaken Pottery

God of Music and Dance
Virtues: Worldly
Magic: Low Entertainment
Skills: Industry (Craft Puppets), Singing, Custom (Heortling), Orate
Starting Feats: Make Puppets Look Real, Make Children Laugh
Heroic Feats: Animate Puppets, Make Audience Happy/Sad/Afraid
Secret: Entertain Audience

The Matchmaker
Virtues: Suspicious, Bargaining
Magic: Matchmaking
Skills: Custom (Heortling)
Starting Feats: Assess Boy, Assess Girl
Heroic Feats: Ignite Passion
Secrets: Perfect Mate Augury

ERNALDA THE HEALER Harmony (healing)
Virtues: Merciful, Valorous
Magic: Heal People, Heal Relationships
Directed Trait: Dedicated
Skills: Chirurgery, First Aid, Recognize
Starting Feats: Treat Disease, Treat Poison, Kiss & Make Up 
Heroic Feats: Prevent Dying, Exorcise Disease Spirit, Stop Argument, Stop Bleeding

Resist Chaos
The Chaos Cleaner
Magic: Resist Chaos
Starting Feats: Heal Chaos Wound
Heroic Feats: Fight Chaos
Secret: Purge Chaos Ritual

The Medic; Stretcher & Sticker
Magic: Self Defense
Skills: Awareness
Starting Feats: Survive Battle
Heroic Feats: Dodge All Attacks
Secret: Combat Healing

Strength (Endurance)
The Supporter
Magic: Endurance
Skills: Flirting
Starting Feats: Survive Battle
Heroic Feats: Go Without
Secret: Bear Any Burden

The Herbalist
Magic: Make Medicine
Starting Feats: Brew Healing Potion
Heroic Feats: Restore Strength
Secret: Earthpower

The Peacemaker
Virtues: Chaste
Magic: Peace Rug
Skills: Bargaining, Orate
Starting Feats: Put Down Weapons
Heroic Feats: Find Compromise
Secret: Oath of Peace Ritual

Beasts (domestic)
The Animal Healer
Magic: Heal Animal
Passions: Love Animals
Starting Feats: Understand Domestic Beast, Cure Animal
Heroic Feats: Banish Fleas & Ticks
Secret: Heal Herd

The Earth Healer
Magic: Heal Earth
Starting Feats: Earth Sense
Heroic Feats: Divert Flood, Renew Soil
Secret: Healing Sleep

ERNALDA THE QUEEN Mastery (Leadership)
Virtues: Proud
Magic: Earth Queen, Find Another Way
Directed Trait: Strong-willed
Skills: Orate, Custom (Heortling), Courtesy, Sight
Starting Feats: Meaningful Glare, Think of the Children
Heroic Feats: Command Animal, Summon Earth Daimon, Create Ring, Rally Women, Shame Husband, Stop Argument

The Grounder
Magic: Heaviness
Starting Feats: Ground Flyer
Heroic Feats: Keep Object on Ground
Secret: Grounding Ritual

Fate (Destiny)
The Visionary
Magic: Visions
Starting Feats: Understand Omens
Heroic Feats: Discern Truth
Secret: Disclose Visions Ritual

The Queen
Magic: Leadership
Starting Feats: Command Meeting
Heroic Feats: Silence Opponent, Command Ernalda Priestess, Regal Aura
Secret: Get Job Done

Magic (Ritual)
The Ceremonialist
Magic: Dance
Skill: Dance, Sing
Starting Feats: Tireless Dance, “Augment Ritual with Dance”: Clan-making, Flower, Fire, Flax, Funeral, Goose and Sacrifice
Heroic Feats: Rain Dance
Secret: Restart Ceremony

ESROLA Fertility Earth (Bounty)
the Uleria, Goddess of the Earth’s Bounty
Virtues: Energetic, Generous, Lustful, Prudent
Magic: Earth, Weaving
Directed Trait: Motherly
Skills: Custom (Heortling), Industry (Weaving), Mineral Lore, Plant Lore, Religion (Esrola), Ritual
Starting Feats: Make Basket, Make Dye
Heroic Feats: Know Animals, Know Plants

Plant (Grains)
Esra Barley Mother, Pelora Wheat Mother, Suchara Rye Mother, and Usara Oat Mother
Virtues: Pious
Magic: Bless Domestic Plants
Skills: Stewardship
Starting Feats: Bless Harvest
Heroic Feats: Keep Stores Dry
Secret: Bless Grain Field

Beasts (domestic)
Entra Pig Mother, Nevala Sheep Mother, Uralda Cow Mother, Isbarn Goose Girl
Virtues: Cowardly
Magic: Bless Domestic Animals
Skills: Animal Lore
Starting Feats: Command Domestic Animal, Sense Predator
Heroic Feats: Terrify Predator
Secret: Bless Herd or Flock
Esrola is an alternative to Ernalda for Heortling women, and she is included in most Ernalda ceremonies. She wove the first basket and all domestic animals are her children.

EURMAL Disorder Movement (Change) Illusion
The Trickster, God of Fools & Outlaws
Geas: Tricksters who desire to be part of a community must accept the Trickster Bond
Virtues: Lustful, Lazy, Deceitful, Selfish, Indulgent.
Magic: Disorder, Change, Illusion
Passions: Charismatic 15 (replaces Honor), sever all other relationships
Skills: Compose, Oratory, Religion (Eurmal), Sleight, Stealth, Sorcery
Starting Spells: Mask of Honor
Heroic Spells: (Mask of ….) Glutton, Fool, Murderer, Imp, Destroyer, Scoundrel, Thief
Tricksters are universally despised and considered outcasts. No laws apply to or protect them and their actions cannot bring reprisals against their clans. A Bonded Eurmal worshipper obtains a sponsor within the clan to accept all blame for his actions.

FLAMAL Plant (Life) Earth (Mother) Spirit (of trees)
Father of Seeds
Flamal was killed and eaten by Zorak Zoran, causing his Mother the Earth, to withdraw her blessing and thus allowing Chaos to enter the world. In the Green Age, he blessed all the grain goddesses so they could produce many types of plants. His aspect as Father of Seeds is recognized by Heortlings as a shamanic practice.

Virtues: Generous, Indulgent, Suspicious, Wordly
Magic: The Great Trees, The Little Trees, Mother Earth
Passions: Hate Trolls
Skills: Animal Lore, Bow, Religion (Aldraya), Custom (Aldrayami), Plant Lore, Shamanism, Sight, Speak (Aldrayami)
Starting Feats: Hear Song of Aldraya, Bless Plants, Sense Tree Spirits
Heroic Feats: Ironwood, Grow Armor, Grow Weapons, Command Tree Spirit
Secret: Befriend Forest
Flamal is a rare independent shamanic practice – means you need to find a teacher to learn his magic and you must find a new teacher to learn other spirits. Because he has been consumed, he is no longer a God, only a Great Spirit.

FLESH MAN Man (Ancestors)
One of the Seven Lightbringers, Ancestor to all Heortlings
Flesh Man is not separately worshipped and is considered an Ancestor Spirit for all Heortling religions. All Heortlings may learn his talents as Associated Cult Feats regardless of their other religious devotions. All heroes choose one Talent at start:

Talents: Attack Enemy Spirit, Climb Over Hill and Dale, Conceal Object, Gesture to Ward Off Magic, Heal Flesh, Hide in Cover, Jump Safely, Light, Make Fire, Protect from Ancestor, Stay Warm, Talk to Ancestor, Throwing Stick

GANVAL Spirit (of Dragon Pass) and three minor runes 
Beloved of Kero Fin, The Enemy of Hrognar the Wolf God
Virtues: Energetic, Vengeful, Proud, Suspicious
Magic (pick 3): Creek, Dancing Shadows, Flower Winds, Little Mountain, Oakfed Fire
Directed Trait: Good Humored
Passions: Hate Telmori
Skills: Animal Lore, Awareness, Hunting, Religion (Ganval), Shamanism, Sight
Starting Feats: Sense Nature Spirits, Speak with Spirits
Heroic Feats: Fight Telmori, Summon Nature Spirit, Bind Spirit to Fetish
Secret: Fetch
Ganval is an independent shamanic practice. His followers may summon, banish and command local nature spirits without a ceremony. Hrognor the Wolf killed and ate Ganval the Shaman’s children, so he is often worshipped by those who seek vengeance against Hsunchen. Most shamanic practices worship one Great Spirit, but Ganval followers worship the entire Heortling Landscape (pg 148 of HQ Rulebook).

God of the Forge, Source of Many Torches
Virtues: Energetic, Generous, Honest, Proud, Trusting
Magic: Bronze, Fire, Smith
Directed Trait: Hard Working
Skills: Awareness, Devise, Industry (Smith), Mineral Lore, Religion (Gustbran)
Starting Feats: Strengthen Metal, Handle Hot Metal, Resist Heat
Heroic Feats: Purify Bronze, Purify Silver, Purify Gold, Intensify Fire, Contain Fire
Secrets: Forge Enchantment
Gustbran smiths are exempt from attending the clan Fyrd.
HELER Clouds Rain 
God of Rain
Virtues: Energetic, Generous, Proud, Valorous
Magic: Clouds, Rain [Rain magic requires cloud cover, natural or magical, to work]
Directed Trait: Fight in Rain
Skills: Awareness, Grapple, Plant Lore, Recognize, Religion (Heler), Ritual
Starting Feats: Endure Weather, Predict Weather, Call Clouds, Summon Rain Daimon
Heroic Feats: Fly Up to Cloud, Walk on Clouds, Stop Rain, Start Hailstorm (if Raining), Direct Hail, Start Thunderstorm (if Raining),Gentle Rain (from Clouds)

The Black Ram
Virtues: Cruel
Magic: Black Rain
Skills: Spear
Starting Feats: Demoralize Foe
Heroic Feats: Extinguish Fires
Secret: Last Drop

Death (Combat)
The Wandering Warrior
Magic: Combat
Skills: Battle 
Starting Feats: Blow Down Foe
Heroic Feats: Call Killer Rain
Secret: Fighting Storm

Beasts (Sheep)
The Mother of Many Sheep
Magic: Sheep
Skills: Animal Lore, First Aid 
Starting Feats: Gather Flock, See Through Rain
Heroic Feats: Heal Sheep, Cure Sheep Disease
Secret: Bless Sheep

The Blue Woman, Cloudmother
Virtues: Arbitrary
Magic: Cloud Mother
Directed Trait: Fight in Rain
Skills: Sight
Starting Feats: Summon Cloud Daimon, See Through Clouds
Heroic Feats: Transform Cloud, Bring Clouds Down to Earth
Secret: Become Cloud

Beasts (Ram)
The Blue Ram
Virtues: Lustful
Magic: Ram
Skills: Animal Lore, Flirting Starting Feats: Endure Cold, Charge Foe
Heroic Feats: Climb Anywhere, Call Thunder, Great Leap
Secret: Pass Barriers

The Shepherd, Teacher of Boys
Magic: Herd Sheep
Skills: Animal Lore, Stewardship
Starting Feats: Find Sheep, Sense Predators
Heroic Feats: See Through Mist, See Through Rain
Secret: Defend Flock

Harmony (healing)
The Golden Ram
Virtues: Merciful
Magic: Healing Rain
Skills: First Aid
Starting Feats: Brew Healing Potion, Treat Poison
Heroic Feats: Enchant Purifying Rainwater
Secret: Cleanse Ill Health Ritual
Heler followers go sky-clad (naked) during ceremonies and are considered eccentric. Helerites are changeable, like the clouds, and the cult allows men to pursue feminine roles, and vice versa. In Heortling culture, clouds are both daimones and shapechangers.
HUMAKT Death Truth (Honor)
God of Death and Oaths; the War Wind
Geas: Humakti may never be brought back from the dead and must never lie. They must take a Geas, which can be from any subcult (Storm Tribe pg. 99).
Virtues: Energetic, Honest, Proud, Temperate, Valorous
Magic: Death, Honor
Directed Trait: (pick one) Gallant, Arrogant, Boastful, Merciless, or Disciplined
Passions: Hate Undead, Hate Chaos 
Skills: Awareness, Great Sword, Religion (Humakt), Orate, Riding, Sword, Dagger
Starting Feats: Aura of Death, Death Light, Sense Ambush
Heroic Feats: Song of Death, Empower Oath, Sever Relationship, Bless Corpse, Lay Ghost, Truesword Stroke, Parry Blow

Mastery (Command)
The Leader of Battles
Virtues: Cruel
Magic: Battle Command
Skills: Battle, First Aid
Starting Feats: Survive Battle
Heroic Feats: Voice of Command, Rally Warriors

Guard of the Feathered Queen
Magic: Strong Blade
Passions: Loyalty to King/Queen
Starting Feats: Fight to the Death
Heroic Feats: Slay Spirit, Perfect Cut

The Face of Death
Virtues: Merciful
Magic: Sword Combat
Starting Feats: Great Blow
Heroic Feats: Destroy Weapon (not Swords), Destroy Shield

Magic: Destroy Undead
Starting Feats: Sense Undead
Heroic Feats: Decapitate Zombie, Rend Ghost

Smith Magic (Ritual)
The Blacksmith, Sword-maker
Magic: Smith
Skills: Industry (smith), Mineral Lore, Ritual
Starting Rituals: Enchant Bronze, Enchant Silver, Enchant Iron, Imbue Sword with Magic, Strengthen Metal
Heroic Rituals: Enchant Banesword

Virtues: Worldly
Magic: Combat
Skills: Javelin, Spear, Axe, Mace
Starting Feats: Disarm Foe
Heroic Feats: Terrify Opponent

Virtues: Worldly
Starting Feats: Sense Undead, Wound Vampire
Heroic Feats: Identify Vampire

Virtues: Cruel, Arbitrary
Magic: Loyalty
Starting Feats: Sense Disloyalty
Heroic Feats: Inspire Loyalty

Perception (Vigilance)
Magic: Vigilance
Passions: Defend Stead
Skills: Awareness, Recognize
Starting Feats: Keen Hearing, Keen Vision
Heroic Feats: See Past Illusion
Secret: Never Sleep
INORA Cold (Biting Winds) Ice (Mountain Snow) Light (Winter Sun)
Goddess of Mountain Snow, Daughter of Valind, The White Princess
Virtues: Energetic, Just, Proud, Temperate, Valorous
Magic: Biting Winds, Mountain Snow, Winter Sun
Directed Trait: Cold Hearted
Passions: Kindness to Trolls (Uz) or to Humans if a Troll
Skills: Custom (Uz), First Aid, Religion (Inora), Speak Uz, Walk in Snow Shoes, Spear
Starting Feats: Snow Walking, Snow Shelter, See through Falling Snow, Endure Cold
Heroic Feats: Avalanche, Summon Ice Daimon, Snowfall, Frostbite, Snow Blindness
Secret: Winter Come Ritual
Inora’s cult is open to both humans and snow trolls.

ISSARIES Equal Exchange (Commincation & Merchant)
God of Communications and Travel
Geas: Issaries worshippers favor peace and neutrality and must bargain fairly with anyone, even Lunars.
Virtues: Energetic, Honest, Proud, Suspicious, Worldly
Magic: Communication, Merchant
Skills: Bargaining, Compose, Courtesy, Memorize, Orate, Recognize, Religion (Issaries), Speak (Heortling), Speak (Tradetalk), Speak (other language)
Starting Feats: Identify Goods by Touch, Friendly Greeting, Write Tally
Heroic Feats: Recite Message Perfectly, Evaluate Quality of Goods, Talk with Hands, Convince Buyer, Convince Seller, Bless Market, Sense Theft, Recognize Magic
The God of Money
Magic: Middleman
Directed Trait: Greedy
Starting Feats: Tireless Voice
Heroic Feats: Evaluate Currency
Secret: Guarantee Profit

Movement (Travel)
God of Trading in Foreign Lands
Magic: Travel
Directed Trait: Wanderlust 
Skills: Mapmaking, Staff
Starting Feats: Sense Ambush
Heroic Feats: Locate Trail, Find Escape Route, Be Understood
Secret: Trade Feats

God of Barter; The Spare Grain
Magic: Store Goods
Skills: Custom (Heortling), Stewardship
Starting Feats: Evaluate Livestock, Bless Storage
Heroic Feats: Lock Building
Secret: Communicate with Strangers

Magic (Ritual)
The God of Funeral Rights
Magic: Secret Way
Directed Trait: Tireless
Skills: Embalming, Underworld Lore, Custom (Heortling), Sight
Starting Feats: Sense Ghost
Heroic Feats: Locate Lost Soul, Open Doorway to Underworld
Secret: Underworld Guide

Issaries worshippers use a secret language to record transactions, called Tally (requires Religion Issaries to read). They are also exempt from attending the Fyrd. Issaries initiates always begin as apprentices to a Master Trader.
KERO FIN Mountain Earth (Mother) Air (Weather)
Mother of Mountains
Virtues: Just, Proud, Pious, Worldly
Magic: Mother Goddess, Mountain Mother, Storms
Skills: Animal Lore, Plant Lore, Mineral Lore, Religion (Kero Fin), World Lore
Starting Feats: Endure Weather, Climb Mountain
Heroic Feats: Know Ancestry, See Forever, Bless King or Queen, Bless Marriage, Avalanche, Stop Ascent
Secret: Sovereignty
Anyone who would be King of Sartar must seek the blessing of Kero Fin’s priesthood. From her mountain shrine, heroes may enter into any other Age to begin a heroquest.
KOLAT Air Spirit (Seven Winds)
Shaman of the Seven Winds, The Healing Wind
Virtues: Arbitrary, Energetic, Proud, Worldly
Magic: Weather, Flight, Seven Winds
Skills: Hunting, Religion (Kolat), Shamanism, Sight, Walk in Snow Shoes, Javelin
Starting Feats: Endure Weather, Predict Weather, Summon Wind Spirit
Heroic Feats: Spirits of the Six Winds [Hhu Ho “Defender Storm”, Tular Varnei “Frost Wind”, Uuuh Hu “Summer Wind”, Seleran “Spirit Wind”, Veren Vu “Magic Wind”, and Zolan Zubar “Healing Wind”]
Secret: Travel As Wind Ritual
Kolat is a shamanic practice. His followers may summon, banish and command Spirits of Weather, Cold and Wind without a ceremony. Kolat’s Heroic Feats are acquiring a spirit from each of the Seven Winds.
LANBRIL Illusion Theft Disorder (Trickery)
The Faceless Thief
Virtues: Deceitful, Worldly, Indulgent, Reckless
Magic: Stealth, Theft, Trickery
Passion: Tolerate Chaos (replaces Hate Chaos)
Directed Trait: Face of Lanbril [blurs your face when used]
Skills: Awareness, Stealth, Orate, Throw Dagger, Dagger, Wordlore
Starting Feats: Avoid Pursuit, Conceal Object, Evaluate Goods, Face in the Crowd, False Trade, False Friend
Heroic Feats: Convincing Blather, Darken Sight, Silent Step, Bypass Trap, Confuse Onlooker, Stink Powder, Sleep Powder
Secret: Form Thief Ring, Steal Magic
Lanbril is the God of Theft, rather than being a God of Thieves like Eurmal. Grandfather Mortal was Death’s first victim and Lanbril was his son. Lanbril angered Humakt by stealing back his father’s soul. This was the First Theft which made the Theft Rune. In Dara Happa, Lanbril worship is a capital offense but they are tolerated in the Provinces. Lanbril is considered a Foreign Cult but is also not an opposed cult like Eurmal.LANKOR MHY Truth (Knowledge) Literacy
God of Lawspeaking, Lord of Knowledge, Seeker & Sage
Geas: Lankhori may never lie to another Lankor worshipper and may never falsify data.
Virtues: Honest, Just, Proud, Suspicious, Pious
Magic: Knowledge, Literacy
Skills: Courtesy, Custom (Heortling), Mathematics, Memorize, Orate, Read Heortlending), Read (Other), Recognize, Religion (Lankor), Ritual, Speak (Heortlending), Speak (Other), Write (Heortlending), Write (Cipher)
Starting Feats: Translate Document, Copy Perfectly, Talk for Hours
Heroic Feats: Learn Magic Ability of Object, Negotiate Compromise, Sway Listeners, Search Library, Clairvoyance, See Past Events
Movement (Exploration)
The God of Wild Sages
Magic: Exploration
Skills: World Lore, Speak Trade
Starting Feat: Waterproofing
Heroic Feat: See in the Dark
Secret: See History Ritual

The Daimones of Map Making
Magic: Copying
Skills: Mapmaking, Speak Trade
Starting Feat: Draw Accurately
Heroic Feat: Memorize Details
Secret: Find the Way Ritual

Death (Combat)
The Guardian of Knowledge; Defender of Shrines
Magic: Combat
Skills: Sword, Battle
Starting Feat: Block Attack
Heroic Feat: Distract with Words, Artful Blade
Secret: Defend Knowledge

Law (Tribe)
The Lawthane of the Storm Tribe; God of Interrogators
Magic: Tribal Law
Skills: Intrigue
Starting Feat: Interrogation
Heroic Feat: Locate Evidence
Secret: Reveal Truth

Magic (Sorcery)
The God of Alchemy & Sorcery
Magic: Alchemy [one potion formulae per point of Alchemy]
Starting Spell: Symbolic Sight
Heroic Spells: Read Mind, Analyze Magic, Shield Mind, Truespeak, Restore Health, Become Raven, Sense Wyrd
Secret: Create Talisman
Torvald worshippers use sacrifice, not veneration, and thus suffer a loss when worshipping with non-Lankor followers (-10 to Tribal and Clan Rituals, -20 when devotee). Formulae may be learned at a Lankor Mhy temple or from another Alchemist. 
Lankor initiates record confidential information and messages in their own language, called Cipher (requires Religion Lankor to read).
MARAN GOR Earth, Malign (Earthshaking) Earth, Benign (Earthmaking) 
The Earth Shaker, Goddess of Quakebeasts
Geas: Maran’s may not directly till the soil or herd beasts for their livelihood, and must eat raw meat, fish or fowl for breakfast.
Skills: Axe, Battle, Mace, Grapple, Mineral Lore, Ritual, Religion (Maran)
Virtues: Energetic, Cruel, Vengeful, Reckless, Valorous
Magic: Earth Making, Earth Shaker, Quakebeast
Directed Trait: Relentless
Passions: Hate Chaos, Hate Aldrayami, Hate Hsunchen
Starting Feats: Knock Down Foe, Raise Earth, Open Trench
Heroic Feats: Control Quakebeast, Great Strength, Landslide, Collapse Building, Rockskin, Shake Down Chaos
Secret: Shake Earth Ritual

God of Ale and Brewing
Geas: Followers must first have been initiates of Orlanth or Ernalda, then switched cults 
Virtues: Energetic, Generous, Indulgent, Trusting
Magic: Brewing
Directed Trait: It’s Better with Beer
Passions: Hospitality
Skills: Compose, Industry (Brewing), Industry (Beekeeping), Religion (Minlister), Sing
Starting Feats: Ignore Drunken Stupor, Welcome Guest
Heroic Feats: Bless Brew, Enchant Beer with Virtue, Make Sacred Ale
Secret: Brew Divine Mead
Only Minlister’s followers can make the Sacred Ale – a powerful brew used to augment Orlanthi Rituals. Other products are Ale (not fermented so it spoils quickly), Beer (made with hops so it can be stored), and Cider and Berry Wines (kept in casks). Mead is usually only made for the chief or king’s hall and requires honey.

OAKFED Fire Spirit (of Fire)
The Wild Fire
Skills: Plant Lore, Awareness, Religion (Oakfed), Shamanism, Sight
Virtues: Energetic, Arbitrary, Selfish, Reckless
Magic: Wild Fire
Passions: Hate Darkness
Directed Trait: Greedy
Starting Feats: Endure Flames, Breathe Smoke, Summon Fire Spirits, Burn Flesh
Heroic Feats: Blood of Fire, Summon Bonfire Spirits, Burn Wood, Burn Stone
Secret: Summon Holy Fire
Oakfed is an independent shamanic practice. His followers may summon, banish and command Spirits of Fire without a ceremony. Oakfed is the Great Spirit of Wild Fire that nearly consumed the world, and was bound by man; his cult is considered dangerous.
ODAYLA Beasts(Bear) Illusion (Stealth) Hunting 
The Wild Hunter
Odayla’s brother, Ormalaya, is worshipped as a God of Hunting and is a member of the Storm Tribe, while Odayla is a Wilderness God. His worshippers can create Beast Charms without restricting their theistic magic through heroic quests.
Virtues: Energetic, Cruel, Worldly, Valorous
Magic: Bear, Hide, Hunting 
Skills: Animal Lore, Awareness, Bow, Grapple, Hunting, Plant Lore, Recognize, Religion (Odayla), Stealth
Starting Feats: Hunt by Scent, Mask Scent, Identify Scent
Heroic Feats: Craft Beast Charm [e.g. Badger Charm with Digging feat, Bear Charm with Bear’s Strength feat], Run Without Tiring, Attract Game, Sureshot
Secrets: Sleep Back to Life
King of the Gods, the Storm King
Orlanth is a greater god and has several aspects. Aspects share the following:
Virtues: Energetic, Generous, Just
Passions: Hate Lunars, Honor, Hospitality
Skills: Compose, Orate, Religion (Heortling), Religion (Orlanth), Ritual, Spear
Secrets: Be Air

ORLANTH ADVENTUROUS Death (Combat) Movement
Virtues: Proud, Valorous
Magic: Combat, Movement
Skills: Any Weapon, Religion (Thunder Brothers)
Starting Feats: Boast, Brew Woad
Heroic Feats: Throw with Wind, Burst of Speed, Run up Cliff, Leap Obstacle

Illusion (Stealth)
The Thief
Magic: Stealth
Skills: Awareness, Stealth
Starting Feat: Invisible Hand
Heroic Feat: Silent in Darkness
Secret: Leave No Trace

Air (Wind)
The Adventurer
Magic: Wind
Skills: World Lore
Starting Feat: Exploring Wind, Hear Words on the Wind
Heroic Feat: Summon Umbroli
Secret: Last Gasp Recovery

Illusion (Performance)
The Skald
Magic: High Entertainment
Skills: Dance, Memorize, Sing, Custom (Heortling), Play (any)
Starting Feats: Recite Epic Tale
Heroic Feats: Sword Dance
Secret: Battle Paean

The Raider
Directed Trait: Bold
Skills: Animal Lore, Stealth, Raiding
Starting Feats: Attract Herd
Heroic Feats: Silence Herd
Magic: Raiding
Secret: Cattle Raider

The Mover, the Charioteer
Magic: Sky Chariot
Skills: Riding, Drive Chariot
Starting Feats: Drive Chariot, Fight from Chariot, Find Companion
Heroic Feats: Balance Leap, Tireless Dance, Walk on Water
Secret: Return Home

Companion (Sensuality)
The Lover
Virtues: Lustful
Magic: Sensuality
Directed Trait: Amorous
Starting Feats: Virility
Heroic Feats: Caress of Passion
Secret: Please Women

The Hunter
Magic: Hunting
Skills: Hunting, Stealth
Starting Feats: Conceal Hunter
Heroic Feats: Sure Throw
Secret: Track Prey Over Any Terrain

The Dragon Slayer
Magic: Fight Dragons
Directed Trait: Fearless
Passions: Hates Dragons (replaces Fear Dragons)
Skills: Hunting, Dragon Lore
Starting Feats: Lightning Strike
Heroic Feats: Pierce Armor
Secret: Find Dragon Weakness

Perception (Scout)
The Scout
Magic: Scouting
Skills: Hunter, Sight, Stealth
Starting Feats: Find A Way
Heroic Feats: Long Seeing

The Flyer
Magic: Flight
Directed Trait: Daredevil
Skills: Throw Sword
Starting Feats: Fly High
Heroic Feats: Fly Fast
Secret: Seven Winds Flight

Orlanth the Wild
Magic: Live in Wilderness
Skills: Grapple
Starting Feats: Sense Danger
Heroic Feats: Run Like Wind
Secret: Survive Anywhere

Light (vs. Trolls)
The Troll Slayer
Magic: Fight Trolls
Passions: Hate Uz
Skills: Battle, Troll Lore
Starting Feats: Bright Spear
Heroic Feats: See in Darkness, Tooth-Shattering Armor
Secret: Command Followers

Virtues: Honest, Pious
Magic: Allfather, Making
Directed Trait: Fatherly
Passions: Loyalty to Clan
Skills: World Lore, Custom (Heortling), Orate, Speak (Heortlending)
Starting Feats: Summon Family, Work Hard, Acclaim Chief (King)
Heroic Feats: Silencing Bellow, Lead by Example, Bless Tools, Find Weakness in Argument, Respect My Authority, Instill Pride

Law (Clan)
The Lawspeaker
Magic: Clan Law
Starting Feats: Open Moot, Find Compromise
Heroic Feats: Determine Kinship, Know True Motive
Secret: Speak Heort’s Law

Mastery (Rule Clan/Tribe)
For Clan Chiefs or Tribal Kings
Virtues: Proud
Magic: Lead Clan (Tribe)
Passions: Loyalty to Clan
Skills: Bargain
Starting Feats: Summon Clan (Tribe), Invoke Wyter
Heroic Feats: Protect Tula, Cast Out of Clan (Tribe), Make Ring
Secret: Command Clan (Tribe)

The Householder
Passions: Love Family
Magic: Family
Starting Feats: “Yes Dear” Conciliation, Bless Child
Heroic Feats: Summon Household, Protect Stead
Secret: Head of Household

The Reeve
Magic: Store Goods
Skills: Speak (Tradetalk), Bargain
Starting Feats: Count Goods
Heroic Feats: Evaluate Quality of Goods, Bless Granary
Secret: Communicate with Strangers

Law (Tribe)
The Lawstaff
Magic: Tribal Law
Skills: Speak (Tradetalk), Staff
Starting Feats: Sense Dissent
Heroic Feats: Cite Precedent
Secret: Use Lawstaff

Orlanth the Farmer
Magic: Farming
Skills: Stewardship, Plant Lore
Starting Feats: Strong As An Ox
Heroic Feats: Tireless Labor
Secret: Plow Any Field

Orlanth the Herder
Magic: Herding
Skills: Animal Lore
Starting Feats: Find Herd
Heroic Feats: Dominate Herd, See Through Mists, Command Allynx
Secret: Track Stray

The Carpenter
Magic: Work Wood
Skills: Industry (Carpentry)
Starting Feats: Make Good Lumber
Heroic Feats: Join Wood
Secret: Awaken Wood

The Fisherman
Magic: Fishing
Skills: Boating
Starting Feats: Attract Fish, Bless Boat
Heroic Feats: Navigate Rapids
Secret: Catch Water Creature

Death (Combat)
The Weaponthane
Virtue: Proud
Magic: Combat
Passions: Loyalty to Chief
Skills: Battle, Any (2) Weapons
Starting Feats: Muster Fyrd
Heroic Feat: Fight [Enemy], Rally Fyrd
Secret: Lead Fyrd

Mastery (Kingship)
The High King
Magic: Rule Kingdom
Directed Trait: The High King
Passions: Defend Tribe
Starting Feats: Form Ring of Sartar
Heroic Feats: Defend Kingdom

Virtues: Proud, Reckless
Magic: Storm, Wind
Directed Trait: Dynamic
Skills: Religion (Thunder Brothers), Sight
Starting Feats: Endure Weather, Predict Weather, Raise or Lower Wind
Heroic Feats: Start Thunderstorm (if Raining), Command Air Daimon, Call Clouds, Gentle Rain (from Clouds), Call Snow, Drive Storm

Death (Combat)
The Conquering Wind
Magic: Fight Elements
Skills: Axe, Mace, Trident
Starting Feats: Fight [Element]
Heroic Feats: Fight [Element]
Secret: Conquer Elements

The Thunder Slinger
Magic: Thunderstone
Skills: Throw Stones, Sling
Starting Feats: Enchant Thunder Stone Ritual
Heroic Feats: Thunder Sling
Secret: Return Thunderstone

Death (Combat)
The Fighting Storm
Magic: Combat
Starting Feats: Fight in Storm
Heroic Feats: Call Storm Down
Secret: Fighting Storm

The Great Storm
Magic: Thunderstorm
Starting Feats: See in Storm
Heroic Feats: Storm Darkness
Secret: Thunderbolt

Sartar (Kerofinela)
The Defender of Kerofinela
Magic: Fight Dara Happans
Passions: Hate Dara Happans
Skills: Any Weapon, Battle, Language (Dara Happan)
Starting Feats: Resist Solar Magic
Heroic Feats: Block Sun with Clouds
Secret: Command Followers

The Great Fulguration
Magic: Lightning
Skills: Javelin
Starting Feats: Throw Lightning Javelin
Heroic Feats: Blinding Flash
Secret: Ride the Lightning

ORLANTH REX Mastery (Kingship)
Geas: Only an elected Tribal King can join the cult – in place of Dar the Leader
Virtues: Prudent, Proud
Magic: Authority
Directed Trait: Intimidating
Skills: Religion (Thunder Brothers), Stewardship, World Lore
Starting Feats: Make Tribal Ring, Summon Tribe, Invoke All Wyters
Heroic Feats: Command Orlanthi, Command Meeting, Regal Aura, Intimidate Priest, Stop Orlanth Magic, Sense Dishonor, Cast Out of Tribe, Brand Traitor

REDALDA Family Beasts (Horses)
Horse Goddess 
Redalda married Elmal and thus created the Foreigner’s Wedding ritual allowing non-Heortlings to join the tribe. She may be worshipped as a subcult to Elmal. Only her worshippers can use their magic on horses without improvisational modifiers.

Geas: Followers will not suffer a horse to be hurt or killed 
Virtues: Lustful, Energetic, Generous, Proud
Magic: Bless Family, Bless Horses, Horsemanship
Passions: Love Horses 
Skills: Animal Lore, First Aid, Chirurgery, Riding, Religion (Redalda), Bow
Starting Feats: Horse Doctor, Beautify Self, Prevent Anger 
Heroic Feats: Horse Breeding, Cure Horse Disease, Speak with Horse, Summon Household, Conceal Family, Bless Birth
Secrets: Become Horse

RIGSDAL Perception (Vigilance) Death (Combat) Fate
The Night Watchmen 
Rigsdal may be worshipped as a subcult to Elmal or Humakt. His direct worshippers are rare and are legendary in their duty.
Virtues: Energetic, Generous, Proud, Valorous, Suspicious
Magic: Combat, Night Watchman, Vigilance
Directed Trait: Alertness
Passion: Loyalty to Clan, Defend Stead
Skills: Awareness, Javelin, Recognize, Religion (Rigsdal), Spear, Sword
Starting Feats: Endure Weather, Hear Any Sound, Night Vision, Awakening Shout
Heroic Feats: Sense Approaching Enemy, Illuminate Battlefield, Ignore Distraction, Sleep with One Eye Open, Fight Chaos, Fight Uz, Falling Star Javelin
Secrets: Never Sleep

VALIND Air (Savage Wind) Cold (Winter King)
God of Winter, The Winter King 
Geas: Followers accept no leader except those tougher than themselves 
Virtues: Vengeful, Deceitful, Cruel, Proud, Suspicious
Magic: North Wind, Snow Storm, Winter King 
Directed Trait: Rebellious
Skills: Awareness, Grapple, Great Spear, Spear, Religion (Valind), Religion (Thunder Brothers), Ritual
Starting Feats: Walk on Ice or Snow, Endure Cold, Summon Winter’s Daimons
Heroic Feats: Shatter Tree, Befriend Ice Troll, Call Blizzard, Call Snow, Direct Hail 
Secrets: Survive Winter
Valind is the King of Winter and Valandi are unwelcome Thunder Brothers, even more than Uroxi. In the Storm Age Valind ruled the Winter Tribe and surrendered to Orlanth when his people were conquered. His followers may summon, banish and command Daimons of Sleet, Hail, Snow, Wind, Clouds and Cold without a ceremony.

VINGA Death (Combat) Movement
The Loyal Daughter, Defender of the Helpless
Geas: Followers, except Red Women, are always members of the Fyrd
Virtues: Vengeful, Energetic, Proud, Reckless, Valorous
Magic: Combat, Movement 
Passions: Loyalty to Clan
Skills: Battle, Custom (Heortling), Javelin, Orate, Riding, Religion (Vinga), Religion (Thunder Brothers), Ritual, Spear
Starting Feats: Wilderness Survival, Burst of Speed
Heroic Feats: Deadly Throw, Mile Javelin Throw, Dodge Missiles, Leap Over Water, Run on Treetop, Run on Snow or Ice, There is Always a Way

When Vinga Held Back Winter
Magic: Defender Storm
Skills: Walk in Snowshoes
Starting Feats: Shield Stops Wind
Heroic Feats: Hold Back Cold, Melt Ice
Secret: Defeat Winter

When Men Failed
Geas: Must Give Up Your Fertility and Avenge Those Named in the Red Vows Magic: Inspire Non-combatants
Passions: Hate Rapist, Hate Murderer Skills: Hunting, Sword
Starting Feats: Find Those Named
Heroic Feats: Fight Against Rapist

Mastery (Vengeance)
When Vinga Vowed Vengeance
Magic: Inspire Non-combatants
Passions: Hate [Enemy]
Starting Feats: Blade Strength
Heroic Feats: Follow Me
Secret: The Blade of Vengeance

Protection (Defense)
When Vinga Defended The Hearth
Magic: Protection
Passions: Defend Stead
Skills: Dodge
Starting Feats: Shield Non-combatant
Heroic Feats: Restore Morale
Secret: Defend the Helpless
Vingans are red-headed young women armed as warriors, wearing a skirt over men’s clothing. Vingan warbands are made up of Heortling women who worship Vinga Spearwoman. Red Women are not Vingans but victims who take the Red Vows of Vengeance at a Shrine, asking Vinga for her magic. Vingans who swear vengeance follow her Avenger aspect. Defender Storm Vingans are Champions and are rare.
YINKIN Companion (Sensuality) Hunting
Ancestor of Alynxes 
Geas: Followers may never harm an Alynx and have survived in the Wild for one year.
Virtues: Lustful, Lazy, Deceitful, Indulgent
Passions: Loyalty to Clan, Hate Dogs, Hate Telmori
Directed Trait: Curious, Sensuous
Magic: Hunting, Sensuality 
Skills: Awareness, Flirting, Grapple, Hunting, Religion (Yinkin), Singing, Stealth
Starting Feats: Grow Tooth & Claw, Sleep Anywhere, Nightvision, Seduce
Heroic Feats: Bind Nine-Lives Umbroli to Tail, Scent Foe, Leap from Hiding, Squeeze Through Narrow Place, Leap Far, Leap High, Fight Tooth & Claw
Secret: Become Alynx 

Magic: Perception
Skills: Recognize
Starting Feat: Identify Scent
Heroic Feat: Find Hidden Thing

Wilderness (Survival)
Magic: Wilderness Survival
Passions: Hate Uz 
Skills: World Lore
Starting Feat: Move Without Sound
Heroic Feat: Fight Uz

Magic: Chasing
Skills: Animal Lore
Starting Feat: Run Down Prey
Heroic Feat: Hunt by Scent

Beasts (Hsunchen)
Magic: Fight Hsunchen
Passions: Hate All Hsunchen (replaces Hate Telmori)
Skills: Sight
Starting Feats: Sense Hsunchen
Heroic Feats: Hurt Spirits, Hurt Hsunchen

Yinkini may become paramours to another Heortling in a special nine-day marriage called an Alynx Marriage, which never produces a child.


This is the path towards becoming a RuneMaster (more commonly known as a Runelord or a Runepriest). Upon achieving 16+ in all your religion’s traits you gain 200 Honor and become known as an “Acolyte of [godname],” meaning you are on your way to becoming a RuneMaster. The Rules:
You must devote to your God
You must have a 16 or higher in all of your God’s personality traits
A Runequest must be completed for each magical benefits acquired

You have access to all the Runemagic from your cult’s Runes, but you must select one the deity’s Major Runes as your Primary Rune – the Runes next to the God’s name are their Major Runes. All the Runemagic benefits from the Primary Rune become available to you, and you cannot progress to another Rune until acquiring all the benefits of the Primary Rune. Minor Runes – the Runes listed in a Subcult – only contribute the first benefit listed. Each Runequest completed allows you to select one of the benefits available to you. For example, a Devotee of Chalana Arroy would need 16+ in the virtues Forgiving, Generous, Merciful, Modest, and Trusting to go on a Runequest. If she is successful she could select her first ability from either the Fertility or Harmony Rune, making it her Primary Rune.
To Become a Runelord
To become a RuneMaster of your God you must acquire all of the benefits available from your God’s Runes through Runequesting, plus meet the following requirements:
Acquire at least three Heroic Feats from your Cult or from an Associated Cult – Associated Cults share a common Rune with your Cult or Subcult.
Possess at least five cult skills at 18+, other than Religion (Deity).
Additionally, to become a Runepriest, and have the power to order around Runelords, you must have been an Acolyte of your cult for three years and have the skill Religion (Deity) at 18+ plus all of your cult traits at 18+.
Upon becoming a RuneMaster you gain 1,000 Honor and are given a divine weapon/object (usually iron or silver) and an Allied Spirit (usually bound to the weapon/object). Upon becoming a Runepriest you gain another 1,000 Honor, a Title and control of your religion’s interests in a region.
Note: RuneMasters are subject to Agents of Reprisal – these are daimones or spirits that will punish you for seriously violating the tenets of your Cult. For example, Humakt sends daimones that break your weapons, always and forever. THE RUNES

Personal Runes of the Gods

Dragon Pass Religions

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