Glory in Pendragon Pass is about being the Hero in a saga, not being righteous or good.

500 to 1000 = Noted Clan Member (eligible for Clan support)
1000 to 3000 = Local Hero (plus 1 to Wealth, eligible for Clan Ring)
3000 to 6000 = Famous Hero (plus 2 more to Wealth, eligible for Tribal Ring)
6000 to 9000 = Legendary Hero (plus 3 more to Wealth, Gain Followers)
More than 9000 = Living Legend (have no need for money, skalds sing of your deeds)

Starting Glory
10 for Initiating to your Deity
10 per Father’s or Mother’s social rank (Thrall 0, Cottar 10, Carl 20, Thane 30, Noble 40)

Automatic Glory from items on your character sheet
16 for Reaching 16 in a skill or trait or attibute
100 for taking an Amor Passion
100 for Devoting to your Deity
100 for gaining a Heroic Feat
100 aiding and/or completing a Heroquest
500 for aiding a Runequest
1000 for becoming a Runelord

Glory Awards (must be given by the GM)
10 for a winning a public contest, public speaking or a performance
50 for winning a tournament, a rousing speech or a great performance
100 for a truly Heroic Act
200 for a truly Heroic Act that aided your clain/tribe

Glory Events (just for being there, applies to all particpants)
100 for participating in a large Battle
10 for every unit routed
[wounds] for any wounds taken in the Battle
100 for leading a Fyrd
500 for defeating a Champion or General
1000 for leading the Army


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