Humakti Warband

The Heroes of Hueymakt

Formed by Jon Jon Blackfeathers in 1602 after the fall of the House of Death in Boldhome.
The Warband was founded on the oath that members are dedicated to fighting off the Lunar Occupation of Dragon Pass by whatever means necessary. The only other requirement is that all members must be a follower of Humakt or some aspect of Humakt.

The band’s Spirit Guardian is a Humakti ghost, Daffid Duck, who resides in the Dragonhide Helm worn by Quackjon. This is how the spirit “sees” into our world.

  • Awareness 18 [Sense Ambush, Sense Undead]
  • Defense 18 [Parry Blow, Ward Off Hostile Magic]
  • Blessing 18 [Conceal Camp, Flaming Blade]

Members can call on the Guardian’s powers if they are within Quakjon’s line of sight.

Humakti Warband

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