Our Steads

Stead Beddgelert

The Apple Way is named for the orchards planted along the road at resting points for travelers. It is the main trading road connecting Jonstown and Thunder Pass. Famous Bell is the trading town of the Jonstown Confederation and many of its merchants and peddlers use to visit our clan on their way to Colymar lands. The Chief’s Hall overlooks our Old Wyter, a giant rugged monolith. Ernalda’s loom house sits by her Shrine just outside the ring of longhouses. Our Fyrd gather at the Thunder Brothers Lodge at Thunder Pool and the stead has many sheds for trade goods and winter stores. Tralin Golden Suds, has a tavern (a few tables) outside the Chief’s longhouse and sells his brew to those waiting for an audience.

Clan Wyter – Monolith
Perception +1 (Vigilance for Raiders 18, Recognize Tarshite 18, Recognize Lunar 18)
Protection +3 (Suppress Fires 24, Confuse Horses 24)
Family +2 (Heal Infection 21, Grow Vegetables 21, Birth Calves 21, Birth Children 21)

Stead Narfon

The river Eănwyr travels beneath the Thunder Hills and emerges on our side of the pass. We have some fishing boats and a small barge for moving goods when the water is high. The watchtower is attached to the Red Headed Lodge and overlooks our farmlands. Olandi Durasson has a tavern (a flat board under a lean-to) where the fishing boats are drawn in at night. Barnath the Miller has his mill on the path to Stead Beddgelert. And just past the grazing land is Malan the Sooty’s Charcoal camp.

Narfon Stead Wyter – Weathervane at the Red Headed Lodge
Herding +1 (Call Livestock 18, Secure Barn 18, Confuse Raider 18)
Rain +0 (Rain Dance Ritual 15)

Stead Felinder

Felinder was the first King of the Celfyddyd Tribe and he carved his throne from a great boulder that fell from the mountain heights. When the Lunars destroyed our Tribal Ring they slaughtered the people of this stead to end his bloodline and broke apart his ancient rock throne. Only a collaborator would have known of this history. Now, the fire ravaged longhouses of Broken Throne stand among weeds, and the new Stead Felinder is growing across the Wolf Creek. The Telmori have come across Wolf Ford several times to raid our herds, but we have always driven them back. Hahlgrimm Deadwind has a Humakti forge on the Broken Throne side of the creek and likes to see the ghosts gather around his forge for warmth. He keeps a keg of ale ready in case his neighbors visit.

Felinder Stead Wyter – Sacred Wolf Skull
Harmony +0 (Heal Wound 15)
Making +1 (Prepare Hide 18, Smithing 18, Weaving 18, Unbreakable Weapon 12)

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