Surrounding Areas

Apple Way Road – The Jonstown Confederation is responsible for maintaining and patrolling the road from Thunder Pass to Jonstown. Since the invasion of 1602 there has been no maintenance of the road and it has fallen into disrepair. Without any patrol, travel East has become dangerous – some Boldhome warriors did not join clans but became robbers and the “bandit problem” is growing worse.

The Fens – The fens to the east are very dangerous; land masses move and waterways change regularly. Weather is unpredictable. The Ducks in the Fens are happy to be left alone and we rarely venture into them.

The Haunted Wood – These trees were planted when King Felinder founded the tribe over one hundred years ago. Our Skalds tell us that we descended from the exiled Prince of the Black Spear Clan of the Colymar Tribe, and his household. When Stead Felinder was attacked many women and children fled into this grove, and were later slain. Their ghosts haunt the wood and without their bones we cannot lay them to rest.

The Golden Orchard – We have expanded the original apple orchard into a very large “apple farm” and our hard cider is renown far and wide. The orchard has been carefully designed to offer our Warband secret paths to flank an approaching enemy force

The Old Wyter – The Clan Wyter resides in an ancient, hulking stone as big as two barns side by side. Stories say that the Old Prince brought it with him through Thunder Pass in his pocket. The looming, colossal Wyter Stone dominates a large meadow surrounded by lush green pine trees just outside of the Chieftain’s Longhouse. The Wyter Stone bears ancient carved runes and pictographs representing deities and ancestors from before Heort’s taming of Dragon Pass. When the Wyter speaks to the Clan Ring the runes and pictographs pulse with an ghostly blue glow and the shards worn by all adult clan members become warm or even hot if the Wyter senses trouble.

Thunder Pass – The passage to the Colymar lands. The Malani hold the north side of the pass and the Telmori hold the south side. The mining town of Redbird is inside the pass and the trading town of Apple Lane is on the other side.

Thunder Lake – The place where gods speak. It is a rite of passage for all Orlanth devotees to swim in Thunder Lake and speak with Orlanth.

The Deepwood – The passage from Clan Amaethwyr to Clan Elemo. There are several awakened trees in the wood and at night they sing to the stars.
Wakboth’s Teeth – The place where part of Wakboth fell to Earth. An Uroxi training ground and home to the Sharp Teeth Ogres. A Rift of Chaos and very dangerous.

Troll Rock – The Fort of Dragonfall use to be our trading post for metal and gems with the Troll Rock trolls. Now the Uz are hunted by Clan Kurtalo for Lunar coin.

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Surrounding Areas

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