Vinga Warband

The Red Defenders (Vinga Warband)

When Kiersten Three Words (King Blackshield) became Tribal King, our Warband switched their allegiance from our Clan to our Tribe. Now, the Vinga Warband is open to all women in the Tribe and to woman refugees who join our Clans. Ours is the only Tribe outside of Esrolia to have a Vinga Warband as the Tribe’s defenders. Many women all across Dragon Pass have joined Vinga since the Lunar invasion of 1602; now we offer them a home.

An old Telmori Shaman-woman gave the Vingans their guardian spirit, bound into a Telmori Royal Guard’s spear. It is carried into battle by the Vingan warband leader:

Silver Spear
(Once known as the Spear of Courage, it was a gift from King Sartar to the Telmori King over 500 hundred years ago)

Perception +0 (Sense Telmori 15, See in Starlight 15)
Blessing +2 (Silver Spear 21, Pierce Wolf Hide 21)
Beast +1 (Terrifying Howl 18, Knock Down Enemy 18)

Silver Spear provides a +6 augment to combat vs. Telmori to all nearby Vingans. Also, its hits ignore any natural armor.


The Wolf Tribe is tainted by Chaos and its leaders are monsters. Only the Royal House of Sartar can fight off the Lunars and only if the True Telmori are freed of their Curse. It is has always been Vinga’s destiny to defend her Father’s people.


The Red Defenders cross boundaries and swear oath to serve only the Tribal King. Their only stated purpose is to defend our clans, but they also take Oath to defeat the Cursed Telmori.


Every Red Defender is an initiate of Vinga and replaces their Loyalty to Clan with Loyalty to Tribe.


Every Red Defender is an initiate of Vinga, either through Orlanth Adventurous or directly as the Defender Storm. Also, Vinga the Avenger followers and Vinga Red Women may join if they take Loyalty to Tribe as an additional passion at 11+.


Must take a Humakti Oath to 1) free the Royal Telmori of their Chaos Curse, and 2) defend the Tribe from all enemies, no matter the odds.

Magic Tattoos

[Pick Any Two – one on each wrist] Sense Telmori, See in Starlight, Silver Spear, Pierce Wolf Hide, Terrifying Howl, Knock Down Enemy. This magic is from the wolf ancestor spirits of the Royal Telmori who were oathbound to King Sartar and reside within the Spear of Courage; they will turn on any member who breaks their Oath. They function in all ways as Talents from an Associated Cult.

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