In Heortling society, wealth is measured in the amount of livestock you own. So the actual amount of wealth a family has is based on the prosperity of the clan’s herds. Thus, cattle raiding is the great equalizer between clans, and the clan’s herders and animal healers are a valuable resource.

Personal Wealth
Disposable wealth is recorded on their character sheet in “cows” and can be traded for normal goods and services, such as Arms, Armor and Trade Goods.

Conversion: 1 cow = 20 bushels = 5 hogs = 7 ewes = 20 silver = 1/4 horse = 3/4 ox

Permanent Wealth is a value equal to (1/2) Primary Occupation Skill plus (1/4) Spouse’s Occupation Skill plus Social Rank Bonus (Thrall -3, Cottar 0, Carl 3, Thane/Noble 6, Chief 9). This is a “Source” to Augment any Social Skill and some industry rolls can increase Permanent Wealth. Each point spent can “buy” a permanent object, such as a Forge, Barn, Cottage, Small Herd, Fine Arms or Armor, Apprentice, etc.

Clan Amaethwyr
Clan-level economics are effectively skill ranks – a clan merchant can use these as a “source” for augmenting their Bargain skill; they could be a Resistance when buying or selling goods; and, a PC could augment their industry/stewardship/lore skill.

LIVESTOCK 15 famous for having good grazing land
CATTLE 13 have more cattle than we need
SHEEP 11 have no more sheep than we need
HORSES 13 [+1] have enough extra horses for the Vinga Warband
PLOW OXEN 14 have more oxen than we need, bonus at planting season
BULLS 14 known for our fine bulls, good breeding stock
PIGS 16 famous for our fine black pigs, sell at a premium
GRAIN 13 have more grain than we need

LEATHER GOODS 10 Average quality
STONE GOODS 11 Average quality
POTTERY 13 Good quality pots
METAL GOODS 15 [+1] Fine quality weapons and armor
CLOTH GOODS 14 Good quality woolens
WOODEN GOODS 12 [+1] Average quality

FISH 12 have a regular supply of fish
CHARCOAL 13 [+1] have good source for charcoal
GAME ANIMALS 13 have good source for game
PLANTS 14 known for having good fields for planting
BREWED GOODS 15 well-known for having good cider and ale
BAKED GOODS 14 known for having good bread and party cakes
FOOD 16 famous for our flavored cheese & buttermilk

Duban Tribe
Because the Tribal Ring resides here, the wealth of the Tribe affects some of Clan Ameathwyr’s industries because other clans pay their tax in the form of raw materials and finished goods. These favored industries are increasing in value.


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